We are always looking for fun family adventures! With 4 kids, sometimes our adventures can become pricey, unless we plan correctly. One weekend, a few weeks ago, we went out to Chatsworth, CA for a car show. Our boys LOVE cars! Unfortunately, the car show was a really quick activity. We were done looking at all of the cars in about 30 minutes and we had driven a little over an hour to get there. I have to say, it was fun and it was also free! We quickly decided that we would find a restaurant and get some food then find a museum. I discovered there was a new Discovery Cube not very far from the restaurant, and it was on our route back home.


Perfect! I looked at the prices and realized that their family membership was actually an awesome deal. Again, we are a family of 6, so getting into theme parks, museums, and zoos, etc. can become quite pricey. We immediately decided to get the family membership deal of $99 for the year, which includes discount/free admission to other museums, versus the $60 one time price. While signing up, we found a discount for my husband being a teacher, and were able to add a second year for only $25! What a bargain! By the way, the $10 is a grand opening special, the the second year at $25 is a limited time offer. We were excited, because we often will go to different places more than once in a year.


Discovery Cube LA was so fun! We had a blast, and the kids enjoyed it too! There are really good exhibits and even our 3 year old found them to be fun. Of course, I took lots of pictures!

If you are in the Los Angeles area, and have kids, definitely check out Discovery Cube LA! There is also a Discovery Cube in Orange County!

**This is not a paid post. It is solely my own opinions.


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